Wireless Group Jingles Online

IQ Beats have just uploaded the new jingles for The Wireless Group in the UK to their website. As you might already know they have produced new jingles for all the stations in the group including Valley’s Radio, Signal 1, Tower FM, Q96 and The Pulse.

The following is what danjamesuk said on JingleMad.com about the new package.

“10 themes, 10 out of break IDs, 10 short mixes, plus custom news, weather, sports and travel sequences, produced for 13 stations. In total, over 400 cuts!

Each cut has been sung with the station’s individual logo melody – one heck of a feat, considering the longest is “West Yorkshire’s radio… you’re on The Pulse” and the shortest is simply “Renfewshire’s Q96″.

They’ve used a selection of composers and vocalists on this project, and I reckon it’s one hell of a package – probably one of the best IQ Beats have come up with… and that’s not me towing the company line – that’s just me being an anorak!”

I’ve had a listen to some of the cuts and they sound great. The news sequence is also worth a listen! Get on over to IQBeats.com if you haven’t heard the new package for The Wireless Group yet!

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