Reelworld’s 2005 Line-Up

Dave Foxx and Tom Poleman didn�t want just one new jingle package�being Z100 and all, they wanted TWO!!!! That�s right, ReelWorld has churned out two unique and completely different Z100 packages – affectionately dubbed �Music� and �NRG�. One is a music-based package that reflects the tempos and textures of Z100�s rock/pop side; the other is a mind-twisting barrage of high octane dance-oriented FX and quick impact logos. Both fit the evolving playlist of Z100 perfectly.

Z100 NRG: 12 killer cuts, all with one thing in common � high energy! For extra excitement, this package comes complete with 4 alternative mixes of each ID plus 2 eardrum-bursting Top Of Hour themes. That�s a whopping 50 cuts in all!

Z100 Music: 12 musical themes that fit the CHR format like a glove. Every ID is a musical creation that puts some of the biggest names in music to shame! Each cut is mixed 3 different ways plus there are 2 epic Top Of Hour ID�s. 38 cuts you cannot afford to ignore!

Tommy BoDean, Operations Manager for WKFS/Cincinnati, commissions a monster for his CHR powerhouse! 10 Shotguns, 8 Basic ID�s, 2 Morning Shows, 2 Top of Hours and more workparts than you’ll know what to do with. This package can be sung with either the legendary three note ‘Kiss FM’ logo or with Tommy’s ‘Kiss 107 FM’ logo. Call now to reserve in your market!

�There was, is, and will only be one place to go if you�re serious about making your station pop � that�s ReelWorld, baby!� says Jeff Z, Program Director of New York�s trendsetting WKTU. Our new 2005 jingle package for �KTU offers 12 mind-altering, speaker-crushing musical constructions. Basic ID�s, Ramps, Shotguns, Morning Show jingles, Specialty Show jingles, Holiday ID�s, production beds� need we say more??? Prepare to be amazed!

New Package for BOB FM now available! Whether you’re JACK, MIKE , SIMON or DAVE , this package fits your eclectic playlist. Transition easily from The Boss into Coldplay, Avril into the Eagles�it�s that simple. 10 main themes, each with a transition and shotgun version plus 2 Morning Show cuts. This package gives you enough tempo and style changes to effectively program the un-programmable. Are you flipping tomorrow? Call us today!

Back in 2000, Bob Kaake commissioned his first ReelWorld custom jingle package, with a fresh musical feel and a logo that became an instant classic. Two years later, Bob came to us a second time and co-wrote WLIT 2002 with our award-winning creative director, Erik Huber. The resulting package changed AC jingles forever. After being syndicated world-wide on well over 100 stations, Bob and Erik are tempting fate once again. The outcome: music magic! Call today to reserve for your market. Check out the new WLIT 2005 now!

We know, we know…we�ve been promising this package for a long, long time. Hey, we all had to wait almost 3 years for �Miss Congeniality 2� to come out�so we�re making you wait a whole two years for Kiss Boston 2005! Construction begins July of �05 with completion expected by late October. Contact us in early September for a sneak peek!

What will 2006 hold for Reelworld? Global domination hopefully…

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