FLOW 935 from IQBeats

Just released from IQBeats; a new Hip-Hop & RNB custom package for Toronto’s FLOW 935.

IQBeat’s Michael Berlin – ‘FLOW 935 has to be one of our most exciting projects to date. It’s very rare and certainly a lot of fun to have a new client give us complete creative freedom to produce this type of package. This format is very difficult to write for because every element has to have total credibility, the tracks have to feature the same production values as the hit songs they’re coming in and out of, and the vocal production has to be spot on or it’s just not going to work. That’s why there are very few stations using production like this and even fewer packages that are available. Steven Scalfati co-owner of IQ Beats, wrote and produced the entire package and he’s one of a very few people with the skill set to make it happen.’

The package consists of 6 themes each with ramp, basic id and shotgun mix-outs along with speciality cuts for traffic, contests, weather and ‘inflow’ update. This is a really great package, with no fixed logo or melody, which is very different from anything you’ll find on any other station at the moment.

Check out the main cuts over at the playout simulator at www.iqbeats.com today.

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