JAM Updates!

Ground breaking news today – JAM have updated their ‘On the Air’ part of their website with plenty of airchecks from 1975 – 2000 of stations using their jingles. Some are really interesting to listen to.

air-check (âr’-chek) n. A recording of a radio station broadcast, usually made by connecting a recording device to a radio receiver. Airchecks are often telescoped, meaning that the body of all musical selections and commercials have been cut out so that only the “essence” of the station itself remains (ie. the announcers, jingles, promotions, song intros and outros, newscasts, etc.)

Radio is a constantly evolving medium, and it’s interesting to recall the sounds of yesteryear. We’re proud to say that JAM jingles are, and have been, an integral part of memorable stations and programs all over the world. It’s a history that is best remembered in audio form. This page is not intended to be an extensive aircheck site (there are several of those already on the internet, including Reelradio.) The items presented here are from our personal collection of significant moments in the story of radio and JAM. We’ll add more in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Check out these airchecks today!

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