TM Century Rolls Out tmc:drive

TM Century, Inc. has today announced the roll out of Imagio and Audio Architecture production/imaging libraries on tmc:drive. Audio Architecture and Imagio libraries are now available pre-loaded, pre-sorted, named and categorized on one plug-and-play USB/Firewire drive.

All audio files are in the original, uncompressed .wav file format and import directly into industry standard audio software such as Adobe Audition and Pro Tools. Automated CD-ROM updates are sent as scheduled. tmc:drive is compatible with Windows XP or MAC OS X operating systems.

– Compatible with Windows XP or Mac OS X
– Get to your cuts quickly – no more hunting through (or for) CDs again.
– Audio updates are simple and fast to install.
– All audio files are in their original, uncompressed WAV format which guarantees the excellent sound quality you’ve come to expect from TM Century.

Mike Hines, Executive Producer, says “This new way of organizing and distributing our libraries is going to make life a lot easier for our clients. We know that out there in the real world, anything that saves time in production is a good thing and this system is so simple it will definitely shorten production time. The producers and editors that have tested the system all love it!”

“We want to provide our clients with services that help make their jobs easier. The organization and convenience of having an entire library available to “plug-and-play” will make producing faster and easier than ever before, saving our clients time. This is such an exciting change!” says Eve Mayer Orsburn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at TM Century, Inc.

For more information on Audio Architecture or Imagio, please call 972-406-6800.

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