Radio Gets Results

In our committment to terrestrial radio, TM Century recently created a new jingle package for the Radio Advertising Bureau called Radio Gets Results. This package was debuted at the RAB ’06 Conference in Dallas and we’re happy to have them available to you for FREE. The jingles are genre-specific and will accommodate any format:

. AC
. Country
. Smooth Jazz
. Spanish
. Sports – Rock
. Urban

Click here to download from TM Century’s commercial jingle website,

2 Responses

  1. Coolnt says:

    Hi paul,

    there’s an FM nETWORK in the Philippines that uses Radio Gets Result campaign, it’s Quest Broadcasting NEtwork, they play at the top of the hour, as one way of inviting advertisers. They had it sung full, with a female vocal, it downloaded and listened to some demos at but nothing seems to fit any, i thinkQuest’s version of Radio…. is a customized one.


  2. Linell Eastton says:

    My “google” search for the Radio Gets Results campaign pulled up this page. I note that a Radio Gets Results jingle package was created for RAB and offered to radio stations as a free download. Do you by any chance still have these jingles?



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