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Founded by Dave Kampel, station voice of Z100/New York, KIIS FM/LA & Hot 99-5/DC and Imaging Director for 103.5 Kiss FM in Chicago with over 10 years of experience, MicroJams marks the end of the traditional radio id jingle service as we know it. MicroJams began in 2005 with a threat from Dave’s Program Director to order a “new” jingle package, prompted him to change the sound of jingles forever. MicroJams are now heard on Z100/New York, Kiss FM/Chicago, Channel 955/Detroit and could be heard on your station soon.

MicroJams are not jingles, but are quick musical elements focused solely on your station’s frequency, calls, and moniker. They’re designed to flow musically within the stations playlist. And because they are musically based on the stations playlist, they immediately brand the frequency and calls with the sound of your format/station. Just take a listen to the demo and imagine how MicroJams can make you stand out from the crowd.

Microjams are designed for every music-driven radio station on the planet. Since there is no other service that offers this approach to radio imaging, there is, in effect, no competition. If a station wants jingles, there are many choices out there, but if they want their station imaging to sound like, and flow with the music of now, then they want MicroJams!

The essence of MicroJams, is that they are NOT jingles. We don’t sing your positioning statement, morning show, or any other cluttered lyric that makes a jingle a jingle..we focus solely on your frequency, calls, and or moniker… which i believe, as an imaging director, is what really matters most.

Microjams aren’t designed to compete with jingles, they are designed to replace them!

Dave Kampel – “Microjams are musically based on the “flow” of the playlist and vibe of the station/format they are promoting..which, in my opinion, is where traditional jingles miss the boat!

MicroJams are specifically for stations, program directors, and imaging directors that have been looking for an alternative to traditional jingles. They aren’t designed to compete with jingles, they’re designed to replace them…

One listen and i think everyone will agree that they are a completely unique, and long overdue element within the field of radio imaging.
If a station wants jingles, there are many quality choices out there, but if they want their station imaging to sound like, and flow with the music of now, then they want MicroJams!

I truly believe that radio, as a medium, needs a facelift. Mainly to remain competitive with all of the other media choices available to consumers today. So I felt that the most obvious thing to do was ask myself, “What is the most ‘dated’ and ‘tired’ sounding element within radio?” The answer was simple, it’s jingles! I’m confident that Microjams will immediately stand apart as an innovative, and pioneering musical imaging tool. And in their shortest form, fit perfectly within a “less is more” environment. They are completely in tune with the future of radio. If you don’t incorporate Microjams into your station’s imaging, your competition will.”

Want something never-heard-before for your station? Give Dave a shout over at MicroJams and see what he can do for you.

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