Design Changes at Wise Buddah

Wise Buddah have relased an updated version of their website in recent weeks. It’s the same WB trademark purple colour but new additions to the site, which will interest jingle lovers, is their their jingle section. They now have high quaility individual cuts from most of their projects over the last few years – BBC Radio 2, BBC6 Music, Krone Hit 2003, RTL – 1999 and more recent ones to include Radio Zet 2006, Hallam FM Breakfast, Dublin’s 98 fm 2005, Play Radio 2005 and more. They also have some resings they’ve done for Breakfast shows from their Hallam FM and Capital FM packages as well and news and production elements.

Paul Plant – “We have just completed our website which has just gone on line.

Its basically the same in look and feel however we have made substantial improvements to the jingle and imaging section.

The CMS we now have means that we can showcase packages within a couple of hours of the cuts going on air which I will ensure we always do rather than addopting the coming soon approach.”

Check out today.

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