Alfasound Reels from Steve England

We are selling off the Alfasound reference reels I bought from the liqidator of Alfasound. These are Alfasound’s own reference masters of all mixes for a particular project for a particular time.

If there is one particular traffic bed or Christmas mix you loved above all things it may have been done at a later time and not included on the mixes for the original sessions. However all sub mixes and varients are on most tapes – these are not demo or selected mixes.

Some of the tapes have “Sticky tape syndrome” see: If this is the case we “bake “ the tape before sending to you and it is often possible to bake again if the tape becomes sticky again.

No rights to use these on air are sold with the reels – these are purely for collectors.

These are purely Alfasound material – not JAM or Joint JAM/Alfa material. And go up to the point where Alfasound stopped using reel to reel and started using digital tapes.

The cost is £30 each reel and this includes a CD dub of the original reel plus the reel itself. If the original reel is gone a copy CD can be obtained for £20.

There is a list available, email Steve for it.

You can e mail us with requests – first come first served

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  1. william says:

    Hi, looking for all jingles packages for Radio Tay /Radio Tay AM from tapes 4/7+ if you no longer have these earlier reels will be delighted with just the CD copies. kind regards. william

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