GloboTrax GT1

GloboTracks, the Global audio imaging production company has announced the launch of ‘GloboTrax GT1’.

This is the first in the series of creative ear fragmenting, precision warped, and earth shattering production elements, beds and effects. Combining the talents of GloboTracks top producers, editor and writers, ‘GloboTrax GT1’ will send you and your competition crazy.

Packed full of 99 energy bursting tracks, beds, beats, drones, cracks, tips, in – out bursts, roll ups, roll downs, FX elements cut up, twisted, re-produced, remixed then mastered to create mind altering production for the 21st century.

Create your new sound today.

Paul Rudd, GloboTracks Creative Services Director commented: “We pulled the whole team together, producers, editors, writers, composers and artists. Locked ourselves away and then came up with GloboTrax GT1. It’s new, fresh and funky.”

GloboTrax GT1 is market exclusive and available on a buy-out basis.

For more information, please check out the mini-site at:

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