S2Blue Newsletter – Winter 2007

Here’s the latest from S2Blue

May we wish you a belated Happy New Year and welcome to the S2blue Winter 2007 newsletter. It was a busy end to 2006 and 2007 has kicked off in much the same way.

We continued our work with the BBC creating a new custom package for BBC Essex and a ‘top up’ package for BBC Radio Oxford.

The Essex package followed on from our recent work for the BBC by including an extended string section, in this case it was a 14 piece section, with players taken from the BBC Philharmonic, which gives the whole package that unique ‘big’ sound. There’s a Sneak Peak video & pictures of the string session available on S2blue.com.

We also produced some ‘top up’ imaging for BBC Radio Oxford, to fit in along side the successful full package we had previously created for them. The new cuts reflect musical styles of the last 40 years & come in 3 parts with detachable tops & tails, as well as a loopable bed in the middle. Check out the original package by clicking here.

Late last year we completed a new custom imaging package for Lakeland Radio. The package consists of 10 cuts with fresh sounding tracks blended with a mixture of solo and group vocals.

The package has already been resung for Sabras Radio & Moorlands Radio. Check out a Sneak Peak video of the vocal session by clicking here.

We’ve added a demo for the Lincs FM Group imaging package we recently produced. The package is currently being aired on all 9 of the Lincs FM Group stations & features contemporary group vocals over bright tracks.

Check out the demo, plus a sneak peak video of the vocal session.

Our main vocalists Sarah Doggett & Steve Butler have been interviewed, along with Steve England for a BBC Radio 2 documentary series called ‘Living in harmony’. The 4 part series, presented by Russell Davies looks at harmony singing over the years. Make sure you don’t miss the show on BBC Radio 2 – Thursday’s at 9pm.

S2blueCreative win TLRC com prod contact
In January it was announced that S2blueCreative won one of the contracts to produce commercials for all the Local Radio Company stations.

We already work for a number of stations within the TLRC group & are relishing the opportunity to continue to work with them.

S2 Blue Podcast
2007 has also seen the inaugural S2blue podcast, featuring loads of information on S2blue including samples of our most recent packages, interviews with a member of the S2blue family & a competition to win a resung cut – check it out by clicking here & remember to subscribe to make sure you get the latest s2blue news!

For more, click here.

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