Real Audio Productions

Real Audio Productions work with radio stations in Australia, USA, Spain, United Kingdom and Republic Of Ireland. They cater for National, Regional, Local and community businesses and keep quality in mind.

The rapid expansion of the company allows them to offer you a fast service with top results, and without burning a hole in your pocket.

The company was set up by National, local and web broadcaster Greg Browne. At 23, Greg has already worked for many independent radio stations in Ireland and now the United Kingdom, selling his wares as a presenter and a production branding specialist.

He is currently working for a national service, which is broadcast via satellite for Irish radio station Impulse live. He has a vast knowledge of what independent radio is about along with that he understands that radio isn’t just about sounding good, it’s about being on time and getting the budget right!

Greg isn’t always behind a mixing desk. When he’s not, he is training for his ATPL, (airline transport pilot’s licence).

Greg’s philosophy for radio is simple, work with the station as if it’s his own! Which means every piece of imaging we produce is cared for and not finished until right! Unlike other production companies that farm out the same stuff over and over, we have one message… We are different!

Greg’s latest work includes imaging for Irelands new DAB station, RTE 2XM and imaging liners for Bristol’s Radio Salaam Shalom.

Have a listen to their showreel and check out their site. Greg would love to hear from you.

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  1. Greg Browne says:

    Hey Guys,

    I did the branding for RTE 2XM not 2FM. Also, did RTE PULSE, RTE GOLD AND RTE JUNIOR.

    Website down for new upgrade, available via Facebook etc. Cheers.

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