Paul-in-the-States Podcast

It’s here! The Paul-in-the-States montage featuring imaging from KSMX, KKYC, KRMQ, KWFL (K205EX), KICA, KCLV and KELU in Clovis, NM. KKOB, KDRF, KABG, KKSS, KMGA, KQBA, KRST and KBAC in Santa Fe, NM. KMMX, KONE and KQBR in Lubbock, TX. KILT in Houston, TX. WHTZ, WCBS, WKTU, WPLJ in New York, NY.

Paul also managed to record some other IDs while flying, and a selection of them are in the podcast. He also airchecked a lot of stations in the podcast, if you’d like to hear some shoot him an email –

Download the podcast at The Jingle Network. Enjoy listening!

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