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New frequency for Radio Drenthe
Since Monday the 2nd of April, Radio Drenthe has a new frequency, 99.3 FM.
And with a new frequency you need new jingles. For this reason Radio Drenthe has chosen for the follow up of their current package South Beach Update. Of course we resung these jingles with the new frequencies. Listen to a short demo here.

Teamwork CRN and TM Europe
With the introduction of a “radio – and online campaign” CRN (the sales company of all commercial regional radio stations) and TM Europe start a new cooperation in the radio market.
The package exists of a radio and online campaign for a period of two weeks on all CRN-channels, including the production of a professional radio commercial + 250.000 online impressions.
TM Europe offers the production of this radiocommercial for a fixed package price.
Check for further information.

New jingles for Denmark and Belgium
At this moment we are engaged with the production of a jingle package for a station in Denmark.
This radio station is going to change it’s name and that’s why they need new jingles. More news soon! Also for a radio station in one of the bigger cities in Belgium we are producing some brand new radio imaging. You’ll find more news and of course the demo in our next newsletter.

Imagio Library also available on hard drive!
The entire Imagio library is now available on hard drive! Imagine every audio file named, sorted and categorized. All on one USB hard drive ready for instant access.
Imagio Series 1 is the legendary imaging library by which all others are judged. Get over 1792 music beds, 2400 stagers & loops, and 768 effects. A dozen of the hottest sound designers from LA, New York, Orlando, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Johannesburg, Sydney, Dusseldorf and Hong Kong combined their talents to produce this remarkable library.

With Imagio Series 2 you’ll get more musicbeds, sonic bombs, including loops, beat mixes, event effects and tons of other insane, time saving elements. And like Series 1, Series 2 comes in CD audio &.wav files or on Harddrive and is available online with MusicSource… allowing you to search, sample, and download every cut in the library. Fresh updates are released every month!
Check out our Imagio 2007 demo here. To subscribe or learn more, contact today.

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