David Arnold Music Zones in on U.S. Jingles

DAVID ARNOLD MUSIC has announced an exclusive deal to bring America’s hot new sound in radio imaging to this country. The deal means that state-of-the-art jingle packages from Phoenix-based Zone Radio Imaging will now be available to radio stations in the UK for the first time.

Zone has been developed recently by one of the top names in jingles, legendary writer producer Bruce Upchurch. Known in the industry as an innovator, Bruce has now moved his work into a fresh and distinct new direction with Zone.

“We are proud to have Zone on board and delighted to confirm this collaboration with Bruce as these jingles are sweeping across radio in the States”, said David Arnold. “Zone’s packages will both complement and enhance our own range of contemporary radio branding that have been produced over here.”

The deal comes as David Arnold Music has re-located to London with a brand new studio/office base in Soho’s media and advertising area along with sister company, Yellow Boat, which was set up earlier this year to provide custom music for TV and advertising. To have a listen go to www.davidarnoldmusic.com or for more details contact Alex Walden at alex{at}davidarnoldmusic.com or phone 020 7292 0800

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