ReelWorld Movin’ in LA

Based on ReelWorld’s popular WKTU 2005 package, these new jingles for the guys at KMVN/Movin 93.9 are a perfect fit with the sound of the Movin’ format.

On-air now in LA and available to all future generation of Movin’ flippers, our new creation for KMVN/Movin 93.9 is a jingle package with the power to fortify one of the fastest growing markets in the US whilst introducing this exciting new radio experience to listeners in your market.

With a catchy new sonic logo and some of the most engergetic beats ever found in a Rhythmix AC jingle package, these cuts will soon be on the ‘move’ acorss the country.

Listen to all 12 themes now at

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  1. Len Groat says:

    The link does not work as you have it as: I managed to get to the site anyway but it was a waste of time. The package is PERFECT for a LOS ANGELES station: it is synthetic, repetitive, noisy, and sounds like dance music from 1995. It is clearly designed for people with a Los Angeles attention span. WHY would any radio station in a more REAL city, playing anything other than outdated dance music, want to use such a cacophonous sound?

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