2007 Jingles for Movin

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In 2006 they developed a new radio format, Movin™

Women love rhythmic music. And starting in the mid to late ‘80s, young radio listeners began to prefer rhythmic music over other styles. Those listeners are adults now! Women who were between 12 and 24 in 1989, for example, are 28 to 40 years old today. They grew up on Top 40 hits that were primarily rhythmic. The Movin™ target is that segment of 28-40 year-old women who feel too old for hip-hop, but are bored with rock-based Hot AC and not ready for traditional AC.

The Movin format has spread all around the US and is now heard on KQMV/Seattle, KFRC/San Francisco, KMVK/Dallas, KYMV/Salt Lake City, WYMV/St Louis, KVMX/Portland. All these stations are airing jingles from JAMX. JAMX have created a 2007 package that stations can opt to use, or mix and match themes from both packages.

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  1. Mike says:

    I’ve been interested in the Movin’ format since it started. Nice to hear they are keeping it sounding fresh with new jingles- and now RW are joining in on the Movin’ success.

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