MicroJams Are Back

Nearly 20 months (we reported it in Feb 2006), after the inception of MicroJams, and the radio broadcast and imaging industry heard little about Dave Kampel’s baby. Unknown to many, Kampel and the team at MicroJams continued to pump more air on the balloon, and its network of clients have now spanned across the United States.

Davel Kampel surely made many high jumps as obstacles along the way pressed him and the entire MicroJams squad. The company was once forced to change its name due to a conflict with another similarly-natured imaging company. But they were able to pull it off. MicroJams was in no way violating any IPO rules regarding the use of the word “jam”. The radio imaging industry in the whole planet, in fact, has a handful of “jam-named” companies – JamXMusic, for example.

Another major mountain for Kampel and his Micro-jingles was the shilly-shallies of program directors and imaging guys of the concept. Radio people perceived Kampel’s MicroJams as pure song intros and half-baked jingles. CHR radio was particular about this case, since song intros earned negative reputations of being cheesy and old school. But MicroJams proved itself, standing against any misconception of it being a song intro and a half-baked jingle. MicroJams further established itself as a new imaging that is far-edgy than the usual jingles yet hipper than your average song intros.

MicroJams today is a thriving imaging service supplying imaging tools, which in this case are called MicroJams, to above-average program directors and imaging guys. Its main fans include WKSC Chicago, WGCI 107.5 and Mix 100.7.

It’s currently selling at premiereradio.com and at microjams.com. MicroJams is available for HOT AC, CHR, URBAN and ROCK formats.

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