FunX Gets New Jingles for Fifth Birthday

Dutch national Urban station FunX recently celebrated it’s fifth anniversary with the introduction of a new on air sound… so they went to VHU Europe.

It needed the same variation as the music that is played for the multicultural audience. The result is a jingle package with a lot of musical styles: from Arabic to Hiphop, from Latin to Reggae. It was a challenge for the producers, Stas Swaczyna and Joost Griffioen, because all those different jingles still needed one overall sound in the end.

For Program Director Mezen Dannawi, the mission is accomplished. “Our listeners love the unique music mix of FunX. We also wanted to hear it in the jingles. Pure Imaging made a music trip around the world in eighty days… and it became a great journey!” The new jingles are on air since August 5th, when the station became five years young. A recent study showed that in all major Dutch cities, FunX now is #1 in the demographic 15-24.

Listen to some cuts from FunX 2007.

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  1. Wow… I’ve never heard stuff like this before. Really special jingle package! A crossover between cultures and still sounding like hitradio. Very cool!

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