Summer 2007 Newsletter

Welcome to the S2blue Summer 2007 newsletter, although with the weather the way it is you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the middle of autumn.

2007 has been an extremely busy year for us – we’ve produced more commercial production, commercial jingles & elearning audio than ever before, added new members to the S2blue Family, as well as creating imaging for a number of stations around the UK.

New Imaging Packages

BBC Radio Lancashire
Our work with the BBC has continued, creating a custom package for BBC Radio Lancashire.

The package, which consists of 14 cuts, reverts back to the original logo, as part of their anniversary.

There’s a Sneak Peak video of the overdub & vocal sessions available on

BBC Radio Guernsey
We have also resung the package recently produced for BBC Essex for BBC Guernsey. There are pictures & a Sneak Peak video of the string overdub session for the original Essex session at

Stations take advantage of there Connected UK resing offer.
A number of stations and individuals have taken advantage of the offer on UK resings on packages from Steve’s Connected CD.

Insight Radio, the national station run by the Royal Institute of the Blind, has had a complete resing of the Lighten Up package. Click here for more information on the Connected offer.

ASDA FM Live – New Imaging Package

At the beginning of the year we continued our work with 365 Media by producing a new custom imaging package for Asda FM Live.

The package, consisting of 6 cuts can be heard throughout Asda’s stores in the UK.

Studio Developments

In the last few months we have been expanding and improving the facilities at Overton Bank House.

Studio 1 has been given a makeover, with a modern and contemporary look, moving it inline with the other studios.

Studio 4 has also started to be upgraded, meaning we now have 4 full SADiE studios. Studio 4 will mainly be used for e-learning projects and increases our capacity and ability to deal with large quantities of work.

S2blue Podcast

2007 has also seen the inaugural S2blue podcast, featuring loads of information on S2blue including samples of our most recent packages, interviews with a member of the S2blue family & a competition to win a resung cut.
Speaking of which we decided to give out cuts to 3 winners: Dave Nightingale, Simon Trevallion & Mark Hodgkinson. You’ll be able to hear what cuts they chose in the next podcast.

New Members of the S2blue Fmaily

The last few months have also seen a new member of the S2blue Family joining us – Emma Dickenson. Emma originally came to us on work experience two years ago and has been popping in ever since

Emma’s role as Junior Studio Engineer will see her working alongside Dave and Steve, producing radio commercials, elearning audio and other projects.

We also advertised for a Production Coordinator and have chosen Mark Anderson – who will be starting in the next few weeks. His role will be to work with the administration team, engineers, script writers and clients to assist in the organising of productions.

The New has also been revamped with a new, more contemporary design. The site now boasts even more news and information than ever before.

Check it out by clicking here!


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