VHU Europe releases Orange Panther Part Three

Pure Imaging, the jingle brand of VHU Europe, released Orange Panther Part Three: a new part of the production series that will consist of ten editions. On each part are over two hundred effects, stagers and music beds. “It’s exactly what we need to give our promo’s and imaging rhythm and flow. That’s our key to really successful imaging. I’m a big fan of Orange Panther”, says Z-100 New York creative service director Dave Foxx about their new production tool. The station got the premiere of this edition and also uses the other two parts. Orange Panther Part One was launched in March 2005 and can be heard on over 75 stations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, the UK and the US.

Listen to the demo of Orange Panther and check out the website.

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