Jones TM Release Juggernaut Plus

Juggernaut is the first true “Imaging Service” for News/Talk radio. More than a disc of jingles or sweepers, Juggernaut is a full-spectrum imaging service that covers every aspect of News/Talk programming. From traditional news, sports and weather themes, to promo and production elements. The 5,297 themes and elements in Juggernaut weld the diverse programming on News/Talk into one solid brand.

As your station evolves, so does Juggernaut Plus, with new themes and elements added every quarter.

Every theme in Juggernaut Plus comes in three variations: a conservative brass sound, a contemporary guitar approach and a synth-based high-tech feel. Each can be used alone or in any combination with the others… allowing you to fine tune the temperature of your sound.

Juggernaut Plus is available in eight different logos – WBAP, WCCO, WPRO, KMOX, KDKA, WDBO, KTKZ and WBBM. Check them out at Or, if you’d prefer, we can customize Juggernaut Plus to your existing logo.

Juggernaut Plus the sound of news/talk today… and, more importantly, it’s the sound of News/Talk tomorrow.

Juggernaut Plus is available for cash or barter and is market exclusive.

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