Kissville Updates – August & September

In August, Kissville turned one year old. JinglesNews was the first to it back in August 2006 and we’ve stuck with them all year, ‘cos we’re good like that!

To celebrate their birthday, they made things bigger and better in September with their biggest monthly update ever. It’s their way of saying thanks for signing to the world’s first continually updating service.

NEW!!! MULTI USE PROD BEDS >>> we’ve thrown you two of these – they’re 60″ beds with your station sing at each end… great for jocks to talk over, great for making promos, great for opening your podcasts, your imaging guy will find 1000 uses for it!

NEW!!! SWEEP-IDS >>> you know the idea, take a drop and mix it with your jingle… and weve thrown your logos all over the drops as well! check out the one with Chris Crocker the britney crying guy – endorsing your station kinda!

THEME 24 >>> We love this one! would sound awesome at the top of the hour, or coming out of a break, wherever you like! the drum mix works well as a ramp of its own too – gotta be played loud… all the usual edits supplied.

THEME 25 >>> a bit moodier on this one… but it goes into Kanye West and that kinda stuff so well!

NEW!!! NANO JINGLES >>> Now, every jingle we make for you comes with an ultra-short mix – shorter than a shotgun for ultra-quick drops between songs. some are less than 2 seconds long – lovin it! Great for the “less is more” crowd too !!! hahaha! remember, when they ask where it came from… it woz KISSVILLE who invented the nano jingle!!!

DRONES 6 AND 7 >>> Cool drones for contests or promos, each one has three extra tracks that go up in pitch… use em in sequence for awesome promos and contests!

Download Kissville September 2007 Update Montage

Incase you missed their August update, this is what all clients got –

THEME 022 – FAST AND ROCKY >>> This is a rocky version of theme 20 – remade, remixed and with a whole pile of loud guitars thrown in!!!! but not so loud that they’ll get in the way of your jocks on the ramps. The slogan and shotgun versions are kewl too… and you get all the accas and beds.

THEME 022 – YOU’LL HAVE ME SUICIDALLLL >>> A jingle theme based on the summer’s MOST ANNOYING song… hey, if you’ve gotta play it, at least have a jingle based on it! so darling stand by meeeeeee… ramps, drum mixes, slogans, shotguns etc etc…

NEWS 002 >>> We gave ya a new traffic bed last month, now here’s a news bed to match it. they sound awesome in sequence!! and if you don’t run news, or if you wanna stick with the original newz theme, use this for showbiz news, or school closings, or dancing sheep, you’ll find a use for it!

And the montage…

Download Kissville August 2007 Update Montage

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