Studios Peak Gets Own Radio Station!

Montreal, Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 – Studios Peak now has ITS OWN radio station… You have to see it to believe it: it’s front and centre on the new Peak Web site! Jingles, original music and post-productions produced by the Peak team for some of the largest broadcasters on the planet can now be found at a single address:

The new Web site of the Montreal-based company that specializes in sound imaging and post-production is explosive… just like its creations produced over the last 10 years. The new interface for the site designed by Decadence design reflects the company’s strengths: accomplishments in the world of radio and tv and customized delivery to the clients’ tastes.

Visitors to get exactly what they want. They can design their own radios by choosing a look and style from different options! Then they can listen to the many sound excerpts of productions for Studios Peak clients. Visitors can even create their own broadcast list of jingles and demos. The “Top 5” features Peak’s most recent creations.

And for the first time, the “Archives” section is going public! Revisit old favourites like Montreal’s COOL FM radio and Sun FM in Martinik Guadalupe. The new site is brimming with good memories, for those with a love of radio and a touch of nostalgia.

With the recent deployment of high definition (HD) at Studios Peak, the site features a section on television post-production and ads. It includes productions and excerpts of projects Peak has developed in partnership with Jaune Banane.

On Studios Peak’s virtual radio station, you won’t believe what your ears will see!

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