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Yeosh recently sent us Push Button Productions’ latest newsletter. But, before I share it with you, check out their latest special offer.

The Guys don’t like to part with their money… so this may never happen again! For the rest of the month of November, you can use the 20% off Push Buck (located at the bottom of this post) or you can take advantage of their latest promotion! Buy a Jingle package and receive a Stock Commercial for free! Take care of your holiday advertising now and save big with Push Button.

Much like Yeosh and Jon’s neck fat, Push Button Productions has been expanding to meet your demands! Check out our website to see all the new features for you to tinker with. We added a brand new “Adventure of Yeosh and Jon” where the boys go toe-to-toe with Blaze McGee, the evil radio station production director. Click here to view the new cartoon!
The stock commercial section has also been expanded to include more than a dozen commercial options for you to purchase for your business, all at prices under $300! Check it out here!
The all new jingle section of our site now includes four of our best producers strutting their proverbial stuff with individual demos for each of them!   You can listen to them all and hand select which of the Push Button producers you want to create your masterpiece! Your new jingle starts here!
Another new option that can help separate you from the pack for a low price is our new Oh-Hold Messaging options, viewable here! You can select a music bed and who you want to record your message and we’ll give you up to five minutes of recorded audio for $250! You can even play the music and voice at the same time so you can personally match up your options!
We hope these new options can make shopping our website a lot more convenient and user friendly for you. We take a lot of pride in our website, which just garnered us not one, but three of the highly coveted W3 awards this year. If there’s anything we can make easier to understand, just send us an email, to info [at]

Hugs & Kisses

Yeosh & Jon
The Push Button Productions Guys

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