Dave Foxx Reveals His Production Secrets

The NAB European Radio Conference 2007 in Barcelona, Spain maybe have ended already but revolution of branding radio stations around the world has just been sparked. The three-day conference that started in November 4 to 6, 2007 was a bag full of great insights on radio programming, sales, marketing and management.

A year ago, the European NAB was blown away by a surprise greeting-slash-how-to video sent by no less than the Prod God himself. Yes, the Prod God has finally spoken. Dave Foxx, Creative Services Director of Clear Channel’s Z100 in New York, has unveiled his production and imaging secrets.

The video was shown to a limited number of people only. Surprisingly, the Prod God himself created his very first YouTube account, or did he, two months ago and posted a video about how he made Z100 the king of radio branding. You may not be one of those few unlucky ones who just watched this video, but it is still worth the watch.

In this 10:33 video, Dave Foxx revealed how his beatmixes and power intros helped him etched the Z100 logo onto the minds of the listeners. Dave Foxx also talked about how to create effective USP or unique selling point, the use of non conventional production tricks like putting a silence before stressing a point and using psychological methods to catch the listener’s attention and focus on the message of a promo.

In this video, you will also get to know how jingles came to life once again in Z100. Dave Foxx mentioned about his friendship with Jon Wolfert of Jam Creative Productions and how Jam jingles propelled the station’s popularity during its first fifteen years. Surprisingly, it was Ja Rule that poked Dave Foxx and the rest of the Z100 crew to bring back jingles on Z100 after four years of on air hibernation. And this is when ReelWorld got the task of creating the new generation Z100 jingle IDs.

Press play right now, these ten minute video could mean a lifetime success for your station. Big thanks to Dave Foxx for sharing this terrifically informative video material.

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