New County Custom and Full Instrumental Package

IQBeats are busy working away on a new Country jingle package ‘for a well known heritage station’. This package should debut early in 2008. It features their Dallas singers, with lead vocals from Annagrey LaBasse. She was their famous female vocalist on the KSON package.

The package is comprised of 8 main music themes and will include sings for weather, morning show, traffic and a legal ID. Besides relying heavily on the six string slinging of Dudley, the tracks will be peppered with tasty morsels from two of Nashville’s finest: fiddle player Jonathan Yudkin (Carrie Underwood, Big & Rich, Leann Rimes) and steel guitar master Russ Pahl (Taylor Swift, Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flatts).

In a previous post on their blog, there was a hint of a new ‘fully instrumental custom’ package in production. Stay tuned!

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