S2Blue Creative Newsletter – Winter 2007

Welcome to the S2blueCreative Winter 2007 newsletter, it’s that time of year again when it gets dark half way through the afternoon, every shop is playing ‘Last Christmas’ on loop and Santa Steve is voicing tons of scripts! Yes – IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!

2007 has been an extremely busy year for us – we’ve produced more commercials, commercial jingles & elearning audio than ever before and added new members to the S2blue Family. We’ve also launched 2 JingleWorld CD’s and a new website; S2blueInteractive.com.

JingleWorld Update
Earlier this year we launched JingleWorld – the new brand for S2blue commercial jingles. We launched with JingleWorld Vol. 1, a CD of categorised jingles available to be resung in many markets and JingleWorld.co.uk.

Such was the success of JingleWorld that we have recently produced Vol. 2, a CD containing another 98 categorised jingles. We’ve also updated JingleWorld.co.uk with even more categories meaning there are literally hundreds of jingles available online!

If you’ve don’t know how JingleWorld works click here for an explanation and to hear some examples.

We have weekly vocal sessions and all our jingles are on a ‘Sale or return’ basis! To order your copy of JingleWorld Vol. 2 click here & we’ll send out a copy of the CD plus a JingleWorld mouse mat.

New Members of the S2blue Family
In the last few months the S2blue Family has got even bigger with 3 new members joining our ranks:

First of all we’ve taken on Emma Dickenson, who joins us as a Junior Studio Engineer. Emma originally came to S2blue on work experience a few years ago and has been coming in on and off ever since. In her new role she is working closely with Dave to produce both commercials and e-Learning audio.

Mark Anderson also became a member of the S2blue Family this summer, joining us as Production Coordinator. Mark is a Business Management student at Manchester Metropolitan University and is working at S2blue for his year long industrial placement. Mark works with Admin to oversee and coordinate all the production work that comes in, from script briefs to final production stage.

Last but not least we have Janet Ibbotson. Janet has been working on and off in the office for the last year but has finally joined us as a script writer, as well as helping out with Admin.

Check out all of the S2blue Family on the S2blue website by clicking here.

At this time of year Father Christmas is quite busy getting the sleigh MOT’d, updating his Tom Tom to make sure he doesn’t get lost again (rumour has it he’s going for Ozzy Osborne as his TomTom voice this year!) and generally getting ready for the big day.

So unfortunately he doesn’t have time to do any voice overs but don’t worry Christmas is not ruined; he’s got his stand in to help out…..Santa Steve!

Steve does a lot of voicing throughout the year. Thanks to his diverse voicing talents he can do straight reads, speed reads, AV’s and many characters, including Santa Steve.

Check out Steve’s demos by clicking here and if you want to book him for a session give the office a call.

To read more S2Blue news, click here.

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