Can Two Radio Stations Use Same KIIS ReelWorld Jingles

Radio 91.3 Singapore KIIS Suite 2007 Resing from ReelWorldCan two radio stations in the same market air the same specific jingle pcakage from the same jingle company? One of our colleagues in the industry recently emailed us and asked us, here is a snippet of his email …

I’m under this situation right now whereby I have doubts with and I hope you could help me clarify it. Power 98 in Singapore uses the Kiss 108 2003 and the Kiss 100 2003 package, another station in the same market uses both the Key 103 and Key 103 2006 package, while an AC station in Singapore uses the WLIT 2005 which all are from ReelWorld.

Recently a new CHR station Radio 91.3 ( started using ReelWorld’s KIIS Suite 2007 Mainstream on 1 January 2008. As you know this package consist of the KIIS three-note logo.

The question is; is it possible or legal for a rival station to buy other related KISS package that consist the three-note logo from ReelWorld such as KIIS 2004 Package, Kiss 107 Cincinnati Package or Kiss 106 2003 Package.

If its not allow, is it still possible to purchase another package from a different company that also uses the three-note logo such as N2Effect’s N2Extreme Kiss 106.1 or Kiss Dallas V3.0? Or perhaps from KissVille’s monthly-update three-note logo (KISS) package.

Due to what I’d heard from mouth was that once a station uses any logo (eg. KIIS 102.7 three-note logo). The rival station have to use an alternative packaging hence prohibited to use any of the three-note logo package.

– JF 

Hi JF, thanks for the email. with your question about the syndication of jingles from the same company within the same market, it’s my pleasure to help. I’d like to say that the jingles used by the stations you mentioned in Singapore (i suppose) are definitely okay. Firstly, all stations use unique jingle packages although they were bought from the same company – ReelWorld. Power 98 uses Kiss 108 2003 and Kiss 100. And so on.

About the case with Radio 91.3, I believe there is no conflict with their use of the KIIS Suite 2007 against competing station Power 98 which uses the Kiss 108 2003 and Kiss 100.

But your question is – is it possible for another radio station in the Singapore radio market to buy a KIIS FM  package from ReelWorld? Yes, it’s okay as long as it’s not KIIS suite 2007. A station can purchase, like you mentioned, Kiss Cincinnatti, KIIS LA 2004 is still okay because what Radio 91.3 is using right now is the KIIS Suite 207. In fact, Kiss Dallas 2003 can still be used by another station there which is another KIIS FM 3-note logo. Kiss 106.1 is even more okay, although it’s a “Kiss” but actually it’s a 6-note logo originally used for 102.5 Clyde1.

Now, buying a KIIS FM jingle package from another company, let’s say N2 Effect or Kissville definitely is a big “okay” for other stations in the Singapore radio market. Now, you may be asking why is it okay for another station to use a KIIS FM package? It’s because the “market exclusivity” deal that comes with the KIIS Suite 2007 is only applicable for itself.

Yes, it’s possible that two radio stations in the same market can be using the same 3-note KIIS FM logo, just as long as they don’t share the same jingle package. The only drawback with this approach is that there will be no distinction between the two station in terms of their jingles’ logo melody. For me, if it’s not really helpful and advantageous if my station jingles sound like theirs.

Radio 91.3 Singapore KIIS Suite 2007 Resing from ReelWorld

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