Two Stations, One KIIS FM Jingle Logo: Not Possible!

Two Stations, One KIIS FM Jingle Logo: Not Possible!I would just like to make a clarification regarding a post I have made yesterday “Can Two Stations Use Same KIIS Jingles?”. Ricky Brataatmadja of Broadcast One and representative for ReelWorld in Asia has just sent me an email minutes before this writing that indeed there is no conflict with Radio 91.3 Singapore airing the KIIS Suite 2007 jingle package against rival station Power 98 FM which uses the Kiss 108 2003 package.

Furthermore, any station in Singapore or any market can use unique jingle packages from same company. But take note of the keyword “unique”. Ricky stressed out that “unique” is not just applied for the jingle package but also for the logo melody. I stand corrected when I said that any station in Singapore can still buy the KIIS 2004 package because it’s a ReelWorld policy to observe market exclusivity of not just a package but also for a logo melody.

We therefore conclude that with Radio 91.3 airing a 3-note KIIS FM logo melody, no station in the Singapore radio market can air any other KIIS FM package from ReelWorld for as long as the Radio 91.3 keeps its license to use the KIIS Suite 2007. Mr. Ricky pointed out that a rival station of Radio 91.3 can purchase other “KISS” packages from ReelWorld such as KISS Cincinnati and KISS Seattle. The KISS Dallas 2003 package is also available but Ricky said, ReelWorld needs to discuss this closely with the buying client and Radio 91.3. The KISS Dallas 2003 also used the same 3-note logo found in all KIIS La packages from ReelWorld.

But it also makes me wonder why the KISS Cincinnati package can still be available for another station in Singapore. If you’ve noticed the KISS Cincinnati package, although a 7-syllable logo sung for Kiss 107 Cincinnati, is also patterned after the popular KIIS FM melody like the KISS Dallas 2003 package. I am yet to clarify this part again to Ricky or to anyone at ReelWorld. Watch out for a follow up of this post.

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