2008 WiseBuddah Jingles for 3FM Isle of Man

New WiseBuddah Jingles for 3FM Isle of ManPrometheus recently posted at Jinglemad.com a brand new jingle package for 3FM Isle of Man. The brand new 3FM jingles were actually resings of one of the most successful jingle imaging packages from Wise Buddah in 2007 – the Original 106 2007 produced for Original 106 FM in  Solent. The new set of jingles were aired at the John Evington-managed radio station last January 7, 2008.

2008 Wise Buddah Jingles for 3FM Isle of Man

Original 106 2007 from Wise Buddah
In 2006, 3FM Isle of Man came to IQ Beats to syndicate the popular London’s Heart 106.2 package from IQ Beats.

3FM Isle of Man 2006 Jingles (Resing of Heart 106.2 package from IQ Beats)

To join the discussion at Jinglemad.com click here. To get details of the Original 106 package, log on to www.wisebuddah.com.

All audio materials are copyrighted properties of their respective owners. Source: http://jinglemad.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?55918 

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