New Passionate PURE People

PURE Imaging [] keeps on growing and therefore really needed new blood. Six new people have joined the leading jingle company from the Netherlands.

Producer Jean-Paul van Druten plays an important part in the PURE sound of today. He worked at Dutch top stations SLAM!FM, Radio Veronica and MTV. Harmen Sipkema also joined the club. He worked previously for FunX, the #1 Dutch city radio for young people.

Producers Jeroen Rietbergen of the dancegroup Soulvation (known for the hit-single Reset Your Brain) and Reyn Ouwehand of the rockband Kane (you’ve probably heard of So Glad You Made It and/or Rain Down On Me) implement their sound in the PURE jingles. Just like composer/ songwriter Michiel Flamman – wrote the hit I Know for Dutch singer Birgit.

PURE has a strong belief in giving new talent a chance to prove themselves. You may have never heard his name before, but his work can be heard on leading stations like Z100 New York, NRJ Paris and Kiss 100 London. Sebastian Schatz is one of the sound designers who has worked on the production library series Orange Panther [].

The PURE promise for 2008: Hit Jingles! For stations that are a hit or are working on becoming one.

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