ReelWorld Transfers To New York?

ReelWorld Transfers To New York?Is ReelWorld transferring its office to New York? Are they now more preferring the monumental Empire State Building than the Seattle Space Needle? Are they finally giving up a dream that Seattle will be the next Jingle Mecca?

These are just some of the questions that were raised when one of our readers emailed us and read about an article at Wikipedia. The article is quite long to be reposted here so we decided to make a graphic grab.

And here it is, the part that made our friend really uneasy? Take a look at the highlighted phrase.

ReelWorld Transfers To New York?

The article was about Essex FM, its history, its management and its background. And the article included a mention of ReelWorld being the company that produced the new Essex FM jingles. Surprisingly it wrote “ReelWorld Production in New York”. Is ReelWorld now having an office in New York? Was this an error? If so, then this should be corrected.

As of press time, ReelWorld has never issued a statement nor has ever made an inkling of transferring their office to the big apple. I’m sure if ReelWorld does it, the guys will miss the sight of the famous Seattle Space Needle and of course their beloved friend – Mr. Gates.

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