ReelWorld WJXA 2008 Jingles – The Next Incarnation

WJXA 2008 ReelWorld JinglesAlright, what is it in this package that will make you say, “I’m going to get this package for my AC station”. Well, by default, it’s ReelWorld, I mean who wouldn’t want ReelWorld for a station’s jingle imaging. But what about the sound of this package? How will this let your listeners say, “whoah this is my station! I’m gonna stick to it forever!”

Reason Number One. The package is made up of seven themes, each theme includes a ramp basic ID, shotgun and cuts for weather, traffic and news. These themes are plenty enough to give your imaging directors an inspiration.

Reason Number Two. What’ new with having 7 themes in a package? Well, listen closely to each theme and you will notice that each cut represents each

color in the entire AC programming spectrum. From John Meyer to Chris Daughtry, from the ballads to soft country, the package resonates what true lite rock stations should be!

Reason Number Three. The logo prints effectively. I mean you don’t have to play the jingle over and over again to etch the Mix 92.9 logo on your brain.

Reason Number Four. This is probably the scariest reason why you should get this package. Your competition is also listening to the demo cuts at

Head straight now to the Mix 92.9 demo page at or preview some of the cuts below.

WJXA 2008 Morning Cut (Copyright

WJXA 2008 Ramp 3 ala John Meyer “Waiting On The World To Change” (Copyright

WJXA 2008 Ramp 6 Chris Daughtry-inspired (Copyright

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