WJXA 2008

The next incarnation of ReelWorld’s incredible WJXA lineagae

Shortly after the release of ReelWorld’s first package for WJXA a few years ago, they realized that we had created something special. It has been praised from all corners of the globe, airs in major markets from coast-to-cast, and continues to echo in the minds of WJXA listeners in Nashville. Now, ReelWorld Productions in Seattle proudly present the future of lite-rock jingle imaging… WJXA 2008.

WJXA 2008: Featuring 8 main themes in a multitude of mixouts, news and traffic beds and a weather sequence with the power to brighten-up any day!

AC radio is constantly evolving, with traditional core artists rubbing elbows with new talent like Colbie Caillat, John Mayer and Snow Patrol. That diversity needs to be reflected in today’s AC jingle packages. Our original WJXA package received praise from all corners of the globe, and the new WJXA 2008 package is built around the same larger-than-life sonic logo. According to WJXA’s Programme Director Barbara Bridges, “the cuts sound unvelievable on the air… you’ve done it again!”.

WJXA 2008 from ReelWorld | 3:00 – 6.9MB| Download

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