February’s 2008 Podcast

The Jingle Network Podcast for February 2008 is now available for download.

In the podcast this month;
– 3FM’s new jingles for Mega Top 50 and Weekend DNA on 3FM
– Kingdom FM’s brand new shiny Jones TM package. Along with TM resings for other stations.
– ReelWorld’s WJXA 2008, along with resings for WDOH in Lima, Ohio.
– ReelWorld ONE’s February 2008 CHR Updates for KIIS LA. (My 99.9 KVUU in Colorado Springs have started to air the KDWB logo version)
– Kissville’s January Updates for Play 99.6 and Channel 4.
– A few cuts from the new LITEhouse Studios.
– IQ Beats’ Country X Factor.
– RadioView.fm & Capital 90.3 air new jinglesfactory customs.
– ZONE Radio Imaging’s ‘Freshen Up’ package.
– Brandy’s new Donna package.

February’s TheStreamCentre.com’s off air imaging montage comes from Magic 100.9 in Albany, NY. And February’s Montage of the Month comes from WCOL’s 2007 JAM Composite.

There’s some good outakes in there too!! Download the mp3 here, or play it in your browser here.


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