Push Button Feb Update: Sing Like A Diva

In this month’s edition you can read all about the true diva in you as well as find out the true secret to creative script-writing and check out the newest edition of “Yeosh and Jon’s favorite things.” So throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and sit back and enjoy the February Update from Push Button Productions. Sing like a true Diva!

Sing Like A Fish

Even though public speaking is supposed to be one of the average person’s greatest fears, we have to speculate that being caught singing in your car has to be a close second. Especially when the person that catches you is smokin’ hot. It’s happened to all of us. You start with an innocent toe-tapping or even a casual thumbing on the steering wheel and the next thing you know you’re four bars into Poison’s “Talk Dirty to Me” hitting those high notes like a true diva.
Sound familiar? We thought so.

Of course, now we’re going to pose the same question we always do. How can you tie this common human tendency into your advertising to increase revenue?

If you consider that an average commercial needs to be aired SIX times in order to register on a consumer’s radar (if you’re lucky), you need to be savvy enough to not only brand your company with a visual logo, but also an audio one.

If you’re old enough, you could probably still sing ‘See The USA in your Chevrolet’, or if you’re young enough, you could probably sing McDonald’s “Ba Da Bup Bup Pah…I’m lovin’ it”. Just like looking those golden arches make you drool, you know instinctively that those five notes will have you pulling into a Mickey-D’s like a dancing kid following the pied piper.

Now, these companies aren’t just smart about their advertising, they’re effective. These catchy little ditties don’t encompass their entire advertising, they only add it as a “stamp” to any commercial they air. So even though it may take some time for a potential customer to catch on, they eventually will and your message can appear to be consistent.

So the next time you catch yourself singing along to your favorite brand-reinforcing jingle, remember that your product can and should be garnering that same sort of shameless attention.

It’s all in the way you say it!

Push ButtonWe recently had a client who was concerned about a big chain moving into town and the effect it would have on their business. Mom and Pop shops can’t compete with big corporate stores on price, but there are two critical aspects that can keep your clients coming back. Customer service and a perceived benefit they get from your product that they can’t find anywhere else. Obviously only you and your salespeople can affect the level of service you give to your customer, but how do you give them the perception that you’re better?

It’s all in the way you say it.

It’s not easy to walk that line between telling and bragging, but if you do it right you’ll have clients beating down your door. Get it into their heads that your product is the only one that will satisfy their need and it won’t matter that you’re selling exactly the same thing everyone else is. That’s what advertising is all about and what most people fail to recognize. Flip to any station and you’ll hear the same generic copy. “(Insert company name) has the best ribs in town, come try them today.” All I hear when that’s on is “I’m an unoriginal copywriter who really doesn’t want to be doing this.” Not everyone is built to write copy. That’s okay. We’re not fit to be a circus clowns. You don’t see us crying about it!

What we told this client was that we know it’s not easy to give up some control when it comes to marketing. You want your business perceived as you see it and not how an agency sees it. It’s why we work hand-in-hand with you the whole way through the process. Our goal isn’t just to knock out another commercial. It’s about making you look good and having you understand why you’ll only want to get your commercials produced with Push Button.
By the way, that guy in the picture doesn’t work for us…but he does look like someone we’d hang out with.

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