Exeter FM Gets Wise Buddah Jingles

Exeter FM Gets Wise Buddah JinglesRadioToday UK recently announced the launch of new Devon FM radio station Exeter FM. Exeter FM operator London Media company garnered the license to broadcast inside the city in September of 2006. Legendary radio voice guy Dan Harper was commissioned as the official voice of the station and Wise Buddah created jingles for said station.

In the meantime, Matthew Keenan of www.thestreamcenter.com posted today on Jinglemad.com a montage of the Wise Buddah jingles for the new Exeter FM. According to Matthew, the jingles were resings of the Contemporary Cuts package. Join the discussion at Jinglemad.com by clicking here.

Exeter FM 2008 (Jingles by Wise Buddah, Montage by Matthew Keenan)

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