Song Specific Logos Vs Logo Stingers

Song Specific LogosFew of the many producer-friendly and cutting edge features included on ReelWorld ONE are logo stingers and song specific logos. Of course, logo stingers are no longer new to us. We know how it sounds and works. But what exactly are song specific logos? Let us take a peek on the real deal between logo stingers and song specific logos.

For the most part, logo stingers are short logo mixouts derived from each jingle theme. As we all know, all jingle packages are built on a number of themes, or in other words, musical styles. Logo stingers don’t usually have vocals in it, however, there are instances when vocoders or vocal effects are infused for added production. Logo stingers bear the exact melody of a station jingle logo. Logo stingers can do effectively as shotgun mixouts do.

Song specific logos are logo workparts which have been created and or based on specific song or musical styles. While most jingle themes today are based on current playlists, the ultimate purpose of ReelWorld ONE’s song specific logos is to turn “the hits” into your most powerful imaging tool.

Song Specific LogosLike stingers, song specific logos are great for stations who have already established a consistent and familiar jingle logo melody. With this new tool, you can make your program running smoothly because your logo is seamlessly integrated into the songs. In addition, you can also help prevent burn out of your sung jingles as well as minimize the “clutter” effect of station and spot breaks.

As mentioned earlier, song specific logos are workparts, so you definitely can make the most out of it. In fact, it can be used for promos, song intros and outros, anything you can imagine.

Like beatmixes, and other ground breaking production elements, song specific logos are indeed a great addition to the growing family of powerful and effective imaging tools that only ReelWorld can offer. Here is a sample of logo stingers and song specific logos included in ReelWorld ONE.

ReelWorld ONE Song Specific Logos and Logo Stingers

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