Voice 2008 Presenters: BBC Trainer Speaks On New Method of Voice Over Training

Voice 2008 Presenters: BBC Trainer Speaks on New Method of Voice Over Training

Voice 2007 was a big hit last year, and this year, they are doing it again. Voice 2008, with the leadership of VOICE (VoiceOver International Creative Experience) www.voice-international.com, is an assembly of some of the most recognizable and multi-awarded names in voice over acting and voice over training. They are gathered to speak on topics centered on voice education, technology and community. The said event will take place on August 8 to 11, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Los Angeles, California. Presenters of Voice 2008 were recently announced via the Voice-international.com website and this week we are turning the spotlight on three speakers who respectively hail from Canada, Sweden and in the UK.

Debbie Munro Audition WizardryFirst off, is Debbie Munro who will be talking about Audition Wizardry. The 2008 Voicey Awards Best Female Voice awardee is one of the top voices today in Canada. Debbie possesses a degree in Broadcasting, 12 years of voice acting and film acting experience. But above all these, Debbie holds a unique talent in voice over training. Debbie Munro runs www.debsvoice.com.

Stefan ChinellAnother presenter is Stefan Chinell from Sweden. Stefan will add a few more excitement to voice 2008 because he will be bringing a Scandinavian feel to his VOICE 2008 Breakout Session. He will be sharing voice over skills that he applied in his European projects, plus his most kept secrets in voice acting success. Stefan says he prefers to be called a voice tractor other than a voice actor. So if you are serious about voice over training, get to know what it means to be a voice tractor this August. Visit Stefan Chinell at www.swedvoice.se.

Steven Hudson BBC Trainer Voice Over Training PSR MethodMeanwhile, internationally acclaimed voice over trainer from BBC and veteran voice over actor Steven Hudson is coming to Voice 2008 to speak on an entirely new way of enhancing your voice – the PSR method. The PSR™ Method (Presentation Skills and Reading) has been developed as the basis of voiceovers, television presenting, corporate communication, facing the press and acting, and is the only sight-reading course of its kind in the world.

Check out Steven Hudson’s website at www.voicemaster.info.

Other presenters for VOICE 2008

Pat Fraley Special Guest Star! Dialect Secrets
Nancy Wolfson Braintracks Branding Exclusive
Richard Horvitz Character Crazies
Steve Hudson (UK) Creator of the PSR Method
Gabrielle Nistico Voice Hunter – Radio Imaging
Randy Thomas Women in Voiceover
(She’s The Voice of The Academy Awards)

Karly Rothenberg Improv Madness
Julie Williams Voiceover Chocolate
Deb Munro (Canada) Audition Wizardry
(Winner of Best Female Voice 2008 Voicey Awards)
Chris Allport Mastering Self-Direction
Raleigh Pinskey Your 8-Second Message
Lee Marshall The Voice of Tony the Tiger
Joe Klein The Podcast VO Guy
David Coleman Sound Streak – Today’s Recording Technology
Stefan Chinell VO with an international flair
(Sweden’s top VO Talent)

MJ Lallo Characters that Move!
Joyce Castellanos Promo and Trailer Expert
Marc Cashman “We’re Looking for a Muse” and
a VO Master’s Class
Susan Berkley What a Great Voice!
Bob Bergen Creating Characters & More
Larry Maizlish VO from a talent buyer’s perspective
Beverly Bremers
Voicercise: Keeping Your Voice In Shape
and Keeping it “Real”

Dan Balestrero Mastering Voice Over
Marc Graue VO From Both Side of the Glass

To check out registration details, schedule and updates for Voice 2008, visit www.voice-international.com. Source: courvo.biz, voice-international.com

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