Jingles Factory Presents The Lounge

Jingles Factory for The Lounge 106.3
The Lounge 106.3 is a new Australian station based on Port Douglas. Two years ago, they call it Smooth Jazz 106.3 and they used jingles from Jingles Factory. Then they changed to Velvet Radio 106.3, the jingles were again from Jingles Factory. This year, new format, and a new name, The Lounge 106.3 . The director of the station called Jingles Factory once again and the results are jingles, logos, instrumental versions and image ramps, all in a new format style, for every jingle at least four different cuts. Here they are, the brand new jingles for The Lounge 106.3 — cool, calm, relaxing.

The Lounge 106.3 by Jingles Factory (copyright www.jinglesfactory.com)

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