New Demo Page at JAM Website

New Demo Page at JAM Website

In its effort to keep up with the modern approach in auditioning jingle demos online, JAM Creative Productions has just adopted new demo pages for its two jingle packages.

The Fresh N.Y. and Home of the Hits can now be accessed by either listening to the showreel or by playing the individual cuts through its own demo page. Upon clicking on the Fresh N.Y. package title, for example, you will be led to its own demo page that kind of resembles most of the demo sections of ReelWorld, IQ Beats and Jones TM websites.

You will be able to preview the package cut by cut through the mini flash players. On the upper right side of the page, you will also notice a logo section where you will be able to see the stations that syndicated the package.

Currently, there are only two Jam packages that have cut-by-cut demo pages. We’ll surely be expecting more packages at “demoed” with their individual tracks soon as most PDs these days prefer to preview jingle packages online.

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