ReelWorld ONE June 2008 Update

ReelWorld ONE June 2008 Update

ReelWorld ONE is dishing out the hottest imaging this summer. All three services: CHR, CTRY and AC are loaded with new themes, production IDs, logo workparts, logo segues and more.

ONE CHR is up with 2 new themes: CareBear, a Sarah Bareilles-inspired theme and RedOktober a laid back Eastern block hip hop inspired theme. There are 3 new logo workparts for such hits as Damaged, Sexy Can I and Take A Bow. And there are 10 new Produced IDs.

ONE Country is kicking off the sunny season with Jaikbroke – a fun, summer inspired mid tempo theme. Check out two new logo workparts for such hits as Just Got Started and Still A Guy. A new logo segue called Fastlane is available. Plus 10 new Produced IDs are now ready to roll.

New this month on ONE AC is a warm and inviting Nighttime Dedication theme called Nightlines. There are five logo workpart updates, including custom logo intros for such hits as Lost by Michael Bubble, Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift and Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie. Check out the 2 new logo segues: Bliptrip and Spanaway.

Listen to all the cuts and logo variations for the June 2008 Update on ReelWorld ONE by hitting

Read on to listen to demos

ONE CHR June 08 Update – KIIS Logo (copyright

ONE Country June 08 Update – KILT Logo (copyright

ONE AC June 08 Update – WLIT Logo (copyright

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