IQBeats have more Fun

IQBeats have put their latest fun package for Fun Radio on their website. The package screams fun, and has the whole of France moving!

Our second package for Fun Radio in Paris, France has just left the presses and is already broadcasting in the City of Light and across the land of wine, cheese and romance.

The package again was made possible through our partnership with Michiel Lisseveld and Paul Gulmans at Music and Images and is another collection of up-tempo and contemporary beds loaded to the gills with great vocals and production.

The production wizards at Fun Radio use the tracks on-air, but really have their way with our vocal workparts as they cut them into sweepers, liners and every conceivable form of station sound. Check out the station stream here, the first Fun Radio package here, and the new package here.

Fun Radio 2 from IQBeats | 5.05MB – 3:50

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