Week 2 Winners & W3 has started

This week in the Summer Giveaway.

For individuals:
– Free lines from Jingles Factory.
– Jingles Factory t-shirts
– Personal cut from TM Studios – from either Kingdom FM, New England’s Best – Country or Greatest Hits 08
– S2blue mouse mats

For radio stations:
– Money off packages from JinglesFactory and S2blue.

If you think your station needs a freshen up – these discounts are for you. Or do you know of a station that should freshen up their image? Tell them about this!

I have gotten a few questions during the week about entering if you won something the previous week(s). The answer is no, you can’t. You can however enter the competiton again in our final week.

For more information visit this page.

And last weeks winners:
– 5 copies of Brandy’s new showreel – Steve Hurford, Ron Keyes, Mayur Chikramane, Upsweep (Hayley), Matthew Keenan
– 2GB memory sticks – Michael Blades, Stefan Goemans
– a personal jingle from JinglesFactory – Iain Johnston

All entries are assigned a number and a random number generator (link) is used to pick the winners.

Get winning!

2 Responses

  1. Iain Johnston says:

    Hullo Paul…

    Just found out I’ve bagged a Personal Cut from Jingle Factory
    – nice one! Thanks!

    Can you email me with details of how I should now proceed?

  2. Ron Keyes says:


    I just found out I also won in the Summer Giveaway (week 2). Can you email me with details of how I should now proceed to claim my copy of Brandy’s new showreel?



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