Relive WROV “Rock of Roanoke” and PAMS Jingles

Among the most influential and most celebrated radio stations in the 1960s is WROV in Roanoke. And this Friday, XM Radio brings back the WROV fun on XM Channel 6’s Sonic Sound Salutes.

As always, DJ Motormouth, who did an extensive research of the weekend feature, will host the program. Terry Young researched everything about WROV, from gathering websties, to calling local chambers of commerce just to hunt for loyal listeners.

The show will include Terry Young’s collection of WROV audio tapes, radio station jingles and station IDs from the 60s onwards, taped recordings of former announcers and DJs, audio clips and chatters about Roanoke’s concerts, restaurants, high schools and of course the classic hits of the 60s that made WROV the Rock of Roanoke. Click to

WROV Station IDs and Jingles

PAMS did create jingles for WROV in 1972 which was aptly called the Rock of Roanoke. It was officially included in the list of PAMS jingle packages as PAMS 14 jingles. The Rock of Roanoke actually was based on the 1971 PAMS jingle package for WLS Chicago which was called “Solid Rock”.

PAMS now offers its classic jingle packages to radio enthusiasts and jingle collectors. You can listen to a cut-by-cut demo of all of 13 select PAMS jingle packages like Sonosational Series, Music Explosion, Music Pow Pow Power Series and more. Visit PAMS website at


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