WBAP HD from TM Studios

WBAP HD from TM Studios… News-Talk imaging for stations that want to sound authoritative and modern, not clichéd or dated. Seventeen themes for news/talk stations that appreciate why it’s not just what you say, but how you say it.

WBAP HD has been produced with all platforms in mind. It cuts through on AM, while sounding great on HD radio. It works on low bit-rate podcasts, and sounds loud and proud on your web stream.

In a world of multi-platform broadcasting, you need imaging that’ll cut through, whatever the bitrate or listening method. WBAP HD allows you to do that, with the added power of multi-layer MPowerMix mixouts.

There are 17 themes in WBAP HD… each supplied with full mixes and layered MpowerMix technology. Check out TMStudios.com for all the cuts in the clear.

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