Emotional On-Air Branding Supplements Conventional Radio Imaging

Emotional On-Air Branding

Facts about emotional and conventional radio on-air imaging:

  • Traditional imaging copies target only the analytical side of the brain
  • Successful national brands activate the creative side of the brain

The human brain has two distinct halves. The left side processes logical and factual things. The right brain handles feelings, emotions, and creativity.

Until now, almost all radio on-air imaging has been left brain-oriented with nuts and bolts format descriptions driving the copy.

  • “The Best Mix of the 80s 90s and Today”
    “Lite Rock with Less Talk”
    “Number 1 While You Work”

The problem is that great brands take hold in the customer’s right brain, the emotional, creative side. Think about enduring brands like Apple, Harley Davidson or Polo by Ralph Lauren. How these brands make consumers FEEL is at the heart of their success.

This is the mission of Radio Imaging Works, a dedicate team of scriptwriters, voice actors and sound designers, to help your station’s radio brand grow by activating your listener’s emotional right brains.

QWIPS - Quick Written Imaging Positioners

The solution is called QWIPS or Quick Written Imaging Positioners. QWIPS make an immediate connection with your listeners. These station positioners are driven by great scripts, written by top advertising writers. QWIPS is not another audio drop service but are custom tailored to promote your station’s unique position.

QWIPS do not take the place of your current on-air imaging. They work in rotation with your current imaging elements to enable your station’s message to connect with BOTH sides of the listener’s brains. They will not only know who you are, they will feel an emotional connection with your station.

Together with TM Studios, Radio Imaging Works aims to bring major market ad agency capabilities to local radio station on-air imaging. With QWIPS, it is not just fresh sound, it’s fresh thinking.

Learn more about QWIPS and emotional radio on-air imaging at www.radioimagingworks.com. Or contact TM Studios in Dallas, 972-406-6800 or email QWIPS@TMstudios.com

Visit Radio Imaging Works and TM Studios

Source: www.radioimagingworks.com

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