BRMB 2008

Yesterday, Monday September 1st, BRMB began airing their latest jingle package.

10 themes plus breakfast and a cappella vocals, the brand new package comes from Wise Buddah. It’s a resing of Buddah’s BFBS package from earlier this year.

Listen to the main cuts that BRMB are proudly airing all over Birmingham at the moment.

BRMB 2008 from Wise Buddah | 6.80MB – 2:58

Come back for more Wise Buddah news soon…

4 Responses


    In all honesty on air they sound crap the singing is rubbish the imaging would suit more of a young station and BRMB aint that. sounds more like karaoke jingle session

    Sorry I dont like them

  2. James G says:

    They sound very similar to Radio Aire!

  3. Ricki Lee says:

    I passed through Birmingham the other evening and thought these sounded great on air

    Well Done Wise Buddah!

  4. Richard B says:

    Very nice! Love the vocals and the energy!

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