ReelWorld ONE September

ReelWorld ONE September UpdateFresh this month on ONE CHR are two new themes: Corona and hypoCRUNK. Corona is a sunny, high energy, pop-dance theme and hypoCRUNK is a laid back string laden hip-hop theme.

Also up are five new logo workparts: Closer, Liftoff, Onslaught, Paper Planes, and When I Grow Up. Check out also the new beatmixes this month: Closer, Let It Rock, Paper Planes, and When I Grow Up. And don’t forget a bunch of hot new produced IDs.

Hot on the rack on ONE Country is a cool new Top of Hour aptly called “Blastoff”. Launch your Top of Hour with this rocket-fueled September legal ID. Also in the month’s package are four fresh logo workparts: Beacon, Heavenly, Lookin Good, and Thumper.

ONE CHR September Updates

ONE AC September Updates

ONE Country September Updates

Add to that four new beatmixes: Everybody Wants, I Still Miss You, Just A Dream, and She Never Cried. Plus, 10 hot new produced IDs.

Take a bite of ONE AC’s fresh picks this month. Starting off with an evolving mid-tempor acousting guitar drive theme called Liquid. Sprinkle some autumn love with these five fall-for-love logo workparts: After All, Drifter, Plucky, Tonight, and Viva La Logo. The last one’s obviously an intro for the Coldplay hit “Viva La Vida”.

Harvest these pair of logo segues: Blogger – a pop rock inspired bed and logo, Fishy – a warm, downtempo bed punctuated with an electro logo.

These are the September updates on ReelWorld ONE. Check out all the cuts at

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